Alex Lostak

inspiring adventure



Thirty minutes with my neck craned at a ninety degree angle, eyebrow sliced open from the plastic of my viewfinder, Land Cruiser turned off in the Tanzanian heat to stay quiet, waiting for the leopard to descend from her hiding place: the checklist of requirements for this image.

This photo taught me what it means to earn an image.



Storm on its way and the rain is picking up, I launch my drone into the air amongst the mist of the waterfall, hoping it won’t get plucked from the air by the rain and the wind as I rise above the waterfall.

This photo taught me it takes risk to get the images we want.



Ten feet from a band of gorillas, watching the little ones pester their mothers and the silverback watch from the sidelines. Sitting there all I could think about was how human they looked but taking photos of their faces wasn’t going to get that across.

This image taught me that it pays to be creative.