who I am


My name is Alex Lostak and I'm an adventure and travel photographer based in Austin, Texas. I find inspiration in telling the stories of people, brands and places from around the world. My goal is always to use storytelling as a vehicle to inspire people to go out and find adventure in their lives. Throughout this quest I've been to over fifty-five countries, and am trying to get to all 196 by the time my journey on Earth comes to a close.


what I do



Through adventure photography, I aim to show people what’s out there in the world, to see themselves in the images I take so they can find their own adventure and create their own stories.



You never know what is out there until you go out and see it for yourself. Yet so many of us never get a passport, or leave the state we were born in. Living abroad at an early age showed me how much is truly out there, and for me travel photography is a way to give a lens to what's out there, so that hopefully someone else will venture out and see it too.



I believe photography can help brands tell their stories by building a world around their products. I try to take products and display them in the environment they’re meant for, while also inspiring creative use.



Wildlife photography is a new passion I have developed. I have found that photographing animals takes an incredible amount of planning, discipline, and consistent concentration, and I have quickly become addicted to the thrill.